For decades, we have been the first choice for a number of tour operators around the world. We are proudly ground handling their travelers and making sure to grant them an experience of a lifetime.

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Cultural Tours

We are committed to introduce you a country filled with site & wonders, with more than 6000 years of civilization. It will be our honor to allow you discover this wonderful culture by guiding you by our experts during your visit to Egypt`s outstanding sites. Furthermore, we can take you to the unknown ancient Egypt & explore the roots of this ancient civilization. 

Academic Tours

We have a long experience in handling academic tours, as we are working with well-known Egyptologists, schools, universities, institutes & museums. This kind of tours includes visiting regular & irregular sites. Our expert staff has also innovative ideas in offering the suitable tour for our guests according to their field of study and demand. 

Religious tours

Visit the famous religious monuments of Egypt & follow the footsteps of the holy family through Egypt. The holy family has stayed in Egypt for about 3 & half years, moving through cities in Upper & Lower Egypt. A lot of churches & monasteries have been built in every location visited by them.

Nile Cruises

Cruising the nile is truly an unforgettable experience. the river nile has been egypt's lifeline since ancient times, as Heredot said "Egypt is a gift of the nile", exploring the many monuments & sites along the way. we offer 3,4,7 nights between Luxor & Aswan, or a long cruise from Cairo to Aswan & vice versa.


Egypt is a land full of antiques & beautiful natural views in every city of it. we believe that a bus tour is a perfect way to discover this country & get the true egyptian experience, by seeing not only antiques but farms, mountains, deserts and the most important part which is how egyptian people live.


Lake Nasser is a huge water reservoir created by the construction of the dam from 1960-1971 which is 500 km to the south of the Nile, approximately 10 km wide and 180 meters deep. Cruising the Lake Nasser is an extremely relaxing experience mixed with exploring the Nubian history of southern Egypt by visiting temples along the Lake, and specially the famous Abu Simbel temple.