queen of the nile
12 Days / 11 Nights



Once You Step In The Land Of Greatest History And Magical Tales. Our Representative Will Meet And Greet And Take You To Your Hotel.


We’re On A City tour! national museum of civilization and salah El-deen citadel.

We Also Take You To The National Museum Of Egyptian Civilization In Which The Famous “Golden Parade” Of Egyptian Royal Mummies Was Headed To.

Lunch At Local Restaurant.

Belly Dancing Customs

Afternoon, We visit The Main Artistic Hub For All Types Of Souvenirs In Egypt; Khan El Khalili! and buy the belly Dancing Customs

at evening we take our first dancing lesson.


A visit to the oldest wonder of the world. Pyramids, Memphis and Sakkara

Witness the Pharaos legacy with a tour at The Great Pyramids of Giza. We visit the 5,000 years old tombs that were made for the royal kings at that time to take their treasures with them in the afterlife.

Dancing Lesson

at evening we take our dancing lesson.


City tour again! Egyptian Museum, old cairo and sultan hassan mosque 

We Visit The Oldest Archaeological Museum In The Middle East; The Egyptian Museum Which Contains The Largest Collection Of Pharaonic Antiquities In The World. Our Day Is Not Complete Without A Visit To Old Cairo Where We’re Headed To The Historical Religious Complex To Visit A Number Of Mosques, Churches And Jewish Temples. 

Dancing Lesson

We take our last dancing lesson at evening.

Touching down at Aswan.

We Fly To Aswan To Board The Highlight Of Our Trip, The Dahabiya Ship.

Aswan Sightseeings

We visit the world’s largest Dam; The High Dam, The Unfinished Oblelisk and the great temple of Philae.

Then, we embark our Dahabiya. 

Dahabiya: Nebyt

Feluka ride, botanical garden and gharb sohail nubian village

We take the feluka towards the botanical garden which is home of rare birds and a lot of exotic plants. then we visit a nubian village called Gharb sohail to meet nubian women and explore their traditions and habits. finally get our henna tatoo

Then, We sail To herdiab (overnight).


Herdiab island beach.

then Sailing To Kom Ombo.

On Our sixth Day In Water, We Sail To Kom Ombo, Visit The Temple And Continue Sailing To Beshir island.

We spend the rest of our relaxing night at the river.

at evening, we experience our first cooking lesson


Sail to gabal el-silsila.

visit sandstone quarries 

sail to Edfu

We enjoy our cooking lesson during the sailing.

Overnight moored beside a nile island.


Edfu temple

we take horse carriage ride to visit the magnificent temple of edfu 

Farmer house visit

We visit a village to meet with the farmers wives to learn about the culture & traditions of the upper egypt

Sail to and visit The town of Esna

We arrive at the farming town of Esna in which we visit an architectural beauty and a prime location at the Temple of Khnum.

Pass the Lock, 

then continue sailing to luxor (overnight)


(Luxor), East Bank Sightseeings 

In The Afternoon We Touchdown At One Of The Most Famous Temples In The World; The Temple Of Karnak. Finally, Our Tour Is Not Over Without Visiting The Temple Of Luxor.


West Bank Sightseeings.

Our Story Continues At The Valley Of Kings, Visiting The Temple Of The Greatest Queen In History; Temple Of Hatshepsut! We Then Visit The Two Historical Statues Of The Pharaoh Amenhotep III At The Colossi Of Memnon.


Saying goodbye to the Dahabiya

Our sailing trip ends at Luxor as we fly back to Cairo.

Airport For Flight Departure. 

We’ll Be Waiting For Your Next Trip With Cultoura!

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Travel packages for women in Egypt

Travel packages for women in Egypt